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Consulting Services:
We deliver our consultative Studies in the following fields:
  (Human Resources Management and Development).
- Quality Management.
- Sales Management.
- Marketing Studies
Smart-Recruitment Services:
Our strategic partnership with Regional recruiting agencies in the Middle East enable us to offer great job opportunities.

Send your CV and get a free 20-minute consulting session with our recruitment experts. Our advisors will help you see hidden job opportunities after giving advice about your training needs before you apply to any job.
Social Development Services:
We work on the development and improvement of non-profit associations performances.
Training Services:
Translation Services:
We offer professional training courses in:
- HRM (Human Resources Management).
- Sales Management.
- Change Management.
- Marketing Management.
- Customer Care Services.
- Communication Skills.
- Time Management.
- Personal Development.
- Negotiation Skills.
- Knowledge Management.
- Emotional Intelligence.
- Business Etiquette.
- Financial Intelligence.
We deliver our translation services with high credibility and professionalism with specialty in All Management Articles and or books (from English/French into Arabic & vise-versa).
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